Dear Members,

We are excited for our upcoming 2020-2021 season.  First up for programming we will have a Tax Update presented by Kim Moody on October 5 followed by Patricia Daunais who will provide a Family Law Update on November 2.  

Many of you responded to the survey that was circulated, thank you for your participation. Approximately 70% of the 52 respondents indicated either a willingness or an eagerness to participate in physical distance restricted in-person meetings. An important 30% of respondents indicated a preference towards online programming.

As of today, our October and November sessions will have both an in-person and online option.  As a Board we have concluded that it is important to do our best to provide both in-person and online programming, and to be as flexible as possible in allowing members as much fluidity between the two depending on their changing comfort levels.  This, plus the ever evolving important restrictions set out by government and venues, it’s uncharted territory that we are happy to do our best to navigate and are meeting through the summer to do so.  Logistical, budgeting, attendance forecasting etc considerations are underway but a little more time is needed before we can send out our membership renewals, which will now go out mid August.  

Please feel free to reach out to me directly with questions or comments at president@epccalgary.com. We look forward to commencing our 2020-2021 program in October, stay tuned for your annual membership renewal.


Spencer Mellace, President EPCC – (587) 349 5478

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